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State Wellness Program

Since 1993, the SEIB has provided thousands of health risk assessments on State employees and their dependents as part of its Wellness Program. As a result of these screenings, we have referred over 10,000 employees or family members to healthcare providers for early treatment of identified high risks.

The Wellness Program focuses on four risk factors that contribute to chronic conditions and/or diseases that may be preventable or treatable with better diet, lifestyle changes, or medication:

  1. (1) High Blood Pressure;
  2. (2) High cholesterol;
  3. (3) High glucose;
  4. (4) Obesity.

In order to receive a wellness premium discount, you must be an eligible participant in the State Employees' Health Insurance Plan Group 13000 and be screened annually between November 1 through October 31 at one of the following locations:

  1. Your worksite (through the SEIB's worksite wellness screening program ) ,
  2. A certified Participating Pharmacy location ,
  3. Your local Health Department , or
  4. A healthcare provider (through the submission of a Provider Screening Form).

If you are found to be at risk, you can earn the premium discount if you complete one of these steps . Even if you are not eligible for the wellness premium discount, you or your covered spouse may participate in the SEIB wellness program.

Additional information about the Wellness Program is provided below along with a FAQs section to help answer some of your questions.