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AHIP - Makes Continued Coverage Possible

We will no longer accept new enrollments after 1/1/2014.

Program Overview

Created by state law, AHIP is designed to help eligible residents of Alabama maximize the features of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

HIPAA helps make health insurance available to anyone who has been enrolled in an employer’s health plan or in extended COBRA coverage after employment has ended. Under HIPAA, the time you’ve been enrolled counts as “creditable coverage” — as long as you don’t have a break in coverage of 63 or more days. By crediting you for previous coverage, HIPAA reduces the limits for pre-existing medical conditions under any new coverage. Under the Alabama Health Insurance Plan you will have no waiting periods for pre-existing conditions.

Alabama Health Insurance


Contact AHIP

Telephone Number 1-866-833-3375
Telephone Number 1-334-263-8311
Fax Number 1-334-263-8511