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AHIP Eligibility

Who is eligible for the AHIP?

You must be a permanent Alabama resident with at least 18 months’ of continuous healthcare coverage. You are eligible for the AHIP as long as:

  • Your most recent continuous coverage was under a group health plan, government plan, or church plan;
  • You chose extended coverage under COBRA that was available to you and exhausted those benefits;
  • You have exhausted benefits and are not eligible for any other group coverage;
  • Your previous insurance coverage was not terminated because of fraud or failure to pay your premiums; and
  • Your application is received or postmarked in our office within 63 days of the last day your group or COBRA coverage was in effect.

Who is NOT eligible for the AHIP?

Anyone who has enrolled in any other coverage is not eligible for coverage under the AHIP. This also applies if you are eligible for:

  • Group coverage under other health insurance such as through your spouse’s employer, or
  • Health insurance under Medicaid or Medicare.

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Contact AHIP

Telephone Number 1-866-833-3375
Telephone Number 1-334-263-8311
Fax Number 1-334-263-8511