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Preventive screenings and following doctor’s orders can help you stay healthier and prevent illnesses. This is why the State Employees’ Insurance Board partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama to administer the Preventive Screening Program for you.

These screenings are based on national guidelines. While some screenings are recommended on a yearly basis, like the Annual Wellness Screening, others are recommended by age, gender, and/or diagnosis. They are designed to help you detect risks in their earliest stages when treatment can lead to better outcomes, especially for cancer or complications from diabetes. Preventive screenings and their required frequencies are listed below:

  • Annual Wellness Screening
    • Everyone – once every year
    • If a Risk Factor is identified during the screening, a referral will be issued to follow up with your healthcare provider.
  • Colon cancer
    • Everyone Age 50 or older
    • Colon Cancer Screenings
      One of the following is required:
      • Colonoscopy – once every 10 years
      • CT Colonography – once every 5 years
      • Sigmoidoscopy – once every 5 years
      • Cologuard Test – once every 3 years
      • Fecal Occult Blood Test – once every year
  • Cervical cancer
    • Females Age 21 or older
    • Pap smear once every three years
  • Breast Cancer
    • Females Age 50 or older
    • Mammogram once every 2 years.
  • Diagnosed diabetics
    • Diabetes Eye Exam – once every year*
*Please fax your test results to Blue Cross at 205-402-9411. All documents faxed should include your name, date of birth, and insurance contract number.

You will be eligible for the Wellness Premium discount if you have completed all recommended screenings. Individuals who meet the criteria for the preventive screening program must have appropriate healthcare services performed by November 1, 2023, to receive a $50 monthly Wellness Premium discount starting January 1, 2024.

For more information, visit mySEIB or call the Discount Verification Line at 1.334.263.8454 or toll free at 1.866.841.9489 .

Disclaimer:Please note that our IT Team is working to make all system modifications to the Discount Verification Line and mySEIB website. Wellness and Preventive Screening Discounts will continue to show separately until all modifications are completed.

If you have questions about your identified preventive screening or your specific medical condition, please contact a BCBS clinician at 1-888-759-2764. You can also log on to myBlueCross to view your care reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to participate in order to receive the wellness discount?

All active employees, covered spouses of active employees, non-Medicare retirees and non-Medicare covered spouses of retirees covered under the State Employees’ Health Insurance Plan.

Where can I go for a wellness screening?

You must be screened at one of the following locations:
  Your worksite (through the SEIB’s worksite wellness screening program )
  A certified Participating Pharmacy location ,
  Your county Health Department , or
  A healthcare provider (through the submission of a Provider Screening Form).

What if I am an active employee and my spouse is Medicare eligible?

Both you and your spouse are eligible for a wellness premium discount because your spouse has SEHIP primary insurance coverage and Medicare is secondary.

Are new members eligible to receive the discount?

New employees and spouses are eligible to apply for the wellness premium discount. New employees will have 90 days from their date of hire to apply for the wellness premium discount. Covered spouses of active employees, non-Medicare retirees and non-Medicare covered spouses of retirees have 90 days from their effective date of coverage to apply for the wellness premium discount.

What health risks are evaluated and how do I know if I am "At Risk"?

Risk factors and levels for at risk members include:

  • Blood pressure systolic reading of 160 or higher or your diastolic reading of 100 or higher;
  • Cholesterol reading is 250 or higher;
  • Glucose reading is 200 or higher;
  • Body mass index is 40 or higher.
What if I am found to be at risk? Can I still receive the discount?

Yes, you can still earn the wellness premium discount if you complete one of the following:

  • Submit health screening results indicating that you are not at risk for one or more of the above health risk indicators, or
  • Submit an office referral form indicating that you have been counseled by a healthcare provider for your identified risk(s), or
  • Submit proof of participation in a SEIB approved exercise or weight management program. You must provide SEIB with the name of the program, dates and location of participation, and a phone number for verification of your participation, or
  • Provide valid proof that you are self-managing and have made improvement in your identified risk(s). You must provide documentation of your improvement, or
  • Submit a completed provider screening form. It’s a good idea to have your provider complete and sign your form while you are in for an office visit. You can mail or fax your screening results to us and have the peace of mind knowing that your discount is in place.
How often should I participate in a wellness screening to continue receiving the discount?

In order to receive the wellness premium discount effective January 1 of any given plan year the criteria listed above should be satisfied no later than October 31st of the preceding year. Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that SEIB has the required documentation in a timely manner.

How can I check the status of my wellness discount?

You can call the Discount Verification Line at 1.334.263.8454 or toll free at 1.866.841.9489 .

You can create an account at mySEIB and view your wellness status or you can call our wellness department at 1.866.838.3059 .

Please make sure your email address is correct in your mySEIB account. Important communications are periodically sent to members from SEIB.

Virta Health

Diabetes Program

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  1. Quit Now

Tobacco Cessation Program is now provided by the SEIB for subcribers and their covered spouses. The Quit Now program offers free master's level counseling and up to four weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy patches if you are in counseling with the Quitline and do not have medical contraindications. This program can be completed on-line or by phone.

Additionally, if you choose to quit through another SEIB approved program, SEIB will reimburse each member 80% of the cost of the program, with no deductible. There is a lifetime maximum benefit of $150. Tobacco cessation seminars and all forms of non-prescription nicotine replacement are covered services. Prescription medications for tobacco cessation are covered through the Prescription Drug Program and are not subject to the $150 lifetime maximum benefit. All claims must be filed with the SEIB, not BCBS.

To get started, visit Quit Now Alabama .


Maternity Care

Baby Yourself

Timely enrollment and participation in the Baby Yourself program can eliminate your $200 admission deductible and your $25 per day copay.

To get started, visit Baby Yourself

Health and Fitness

The SEIB wants you to have every opportunity to be successful on your road to better health. With that in mind, the SEIB has partnered with certain fitness facilities to encourage greater physical activity for all SEHIP members and their dependents.”

How does this benefit you?

  • No enrollment fee for you or your family
  • No contract requirements
  • Your monthly membership fee will be payroll deducted

Interested? How do you join?

  • All enrollments and payroll deductions will be handled by the facility
  • The first month's fee will be made payable directly to the facility and payroll deduction will begin the second month of enrollment

View a complete list of participating exercise facilites